Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 Healthy Habits for Great Sex

Want your sex life better? Try changing your habits to live a healthier life.

As quoted from medicinenet, experts agree that there is a critical link between health, lifestyle with sexual satisfaction. By having a healthier life, passion or you can increase libido. Not only that, problems like erectile dysfunction in both men and women can be cured with a healthy life.

Healthy Digestion, Endurance Body Strength

New Qoute:
In a healthy body, there is a healthy bowel. :p
Similarly, the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said. The development of science to prove it because a healthy digestive system will strengthen the body's immune system which ultimately protects the body from various diseases.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Menu Avocado for Baby Health

Avocado for Baby Health
Avocado benefits can be an excellent alternative food, as the first solids that you introduce to your baby. Why is that? Besides having a high nutrient content, soft texture also makes it easy to be digested by your baby.

In fact, we often hear that avocados are also given the title as one of the world's most perfect, because it contains all the nutrients our body needs to survive.

6 Best Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Best Nutrition Pregnant Women
For pregnant women to consume foods that must be considered is because vitamins and minerals essential for health herself and the fetus. Nutritional needs during pregnancy, among others:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Natural Food For Healthy Brain

Food For Healthy Brain
The most important organ in our body is the brain. A healthy brain will contribute to support activities, helping us to better focus and increase concentration in performing daily activities.

Less healthy brain will result in a decreased concentration, ability to remember the weak and often out of focus. This can happen if the brain does not get 'food' or adequate nutrition.

5 Causes of Failure to Lose Weight

Failure to Lose Weight
Do you include people who are facing weight problems? Indeed for some people who are obese or overweight tersa difficult to menurunkanya. Sometimes even to despair and let this situation happen to them.

Generally most people have a lot of willingness to lose weight, but to no avail. To increase the chances of success of behavior change necessary 1-2.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broccoli Good For Ulcer Prevention

Broccoli Good
Recent research shows that broccoli has the ability to suppress a variety of digestive disorders such as intestinal infections, ulcers and possibly stomach cancer. This means complement variety of previous studies that mention broccoli contain antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cancer.

In a study in Japan, the experts found that eating 70 grams of fresh broccoli every day for two months to protect the human body from bacteria-related stomach ulcer disease, gastric infections, and even stomach cancer.

Cures And Overcoming Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips
Problem of chapped lips often underrated many people, this fact if left unchecked will cause irritation and pain when eating. In fact, can also cause inflammation and bleeding on the lips.

It certainly will be able to interfere tesebut our activities. For that you need to know how where how to prevent and if you already have you should know also how menyembuhkanya.

Here are tips to prevent and treat the problem of chapped lips:

You know, Skin of Apple Fruit Contain High Nutritious

Skin of Apple Fruit
Did you know the apple skin was saving a lot of vitamins. Therefore, if you do not need to eat peeled apples, because apples have the highest nutrient in skin.

Concerns about pesticide residues left on the skin of the fruit makes a lot of people are afraid of eating fruits directly. In fact, some types of fruit such as apple store essential nutrients just under the skin.

"If the skin is peeled, of course vitamins can go wasted. Indeed there are nutrients in meat, but usually a little fruit," said Dr. Inge Permadhi, a nutritionist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. Therefore, he recommends eating fruits directly to the skin.

Benefits Of Shark Fins Can Found on Chicken Leg

Chicken Leg
Shark fins are very nutritious, so the sharks are always hunted. Many people who do not know the benefits of chicken legs. Though chicken leg is very easy to get a nutrient content similar to shark fin.

One of the useful content in shark fin is cartilage or cartilage, which is believed capable of improving immunity and preventing cancer. Just as shark fins, legs, aka chicken feet also contain a lot of cartilage to coat joints.

As reported previously detikHealth, the American Cancer Society has developed a cancer drug made ​​from cartilage. Drugs made ​​from shark fin was quite effective, but difficult to obtain raw materials in large quantities without disturbing the balance of marine life.

5 Drinks For Stress Relief

Drinks For Stress Relief
There is always busy with daily routines, or the pressure of work makes you stressed? Do not assume that all trivial, because if not quickly treated can cause depression.

To eliminate or reduce stress, not hurt you to try to enjoy the following five drinks as reported CAIRO.

1. Warm milk
We're feeling too late or saturated, drink a glass of warm milk. The content of tryptophan in milk will undergo a process of metabolism into serotonin functioning improve mood. Then, the content of calcium, magnesium and potassium can reduce blood pressure increased because of stress.

Tips For Removing the Hair Leg

All women would want to look beautiful, attractive, fresh and clean. Obviously a very important body treatments, including maintaining cleanliness of the feet of the hairs that can interfere with the beauty of the foot.

Tips removing the hair leg is simple. For those of you who are troubled by the growth of hair on your legs do not worry, the following simple tips for removing the hair leg, especially in women.

7 Tips Avoid Flu And Cold

Tips Avoid Flu And Cold
Unpredictable weather changes and cold temperatures, can cause colds or even flu. Factors other from weather, the flu and common colds can also be triggered by the immune system that does not fit.

Toothache Can Really Infectious to Others?

A study conducted shows that a toothache can indeed spread. During this candy and sweet foods are often blamed as the culprit causing the hole in the tooth, but the actual cavities (caries) is caused by bacteria attached to the teeth and particles that come from food. The bacteria convert sugar and carbohydrates you eat into acid. Bacteria and acid deposition become sticky, called tooth plaque.

Benefits from Grapes can Prevent Cancer

Benefits from Grapes
Grapes is a kind of fruit plants in the form of creeping shrubs belonging to the family Vitaceae. In addition to edible directly, Grapes can also be processed to drink wine, jely, juice, raisins and others.

Resveratol and polyphenol compounds contained in wine contribute substantially to the body's metabolism, and can prevent the formation of cancer cells. Antiosidan in Grapes can ward off free radicals. Grapes contain:

Two Human Organs Free from Cancer attack

healthy nails
Cancer is one disease belonging to the deadly disease. Almost all the organs of the human body ranging from bones, blood, breast, skin, heart and others can be affected by cancer. But actually there are two organs of human body which will not attacked by cancer, do you know?

"The hair and nails can not get cancer because it is dead tissue, so it can be cut," said Dr. Joni Fauzi, Deputy Director of the Ethical PT Kalbe Farma in talking with the media at the Penang Bistro, Menteng, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/04/2011 .)

Eliminate Stress With Fresh Grass Aroma

remove stress with green pastures
Remember when you are in the middle of green pastures, plus the fresh mountain breeze and the warm of morning sunshine, Breathe in deeply the fresh air mixed with the natural scent of fragrant green grass. And we will feel fresh and soothing.

This prompted Dr Menoreh Lavidis, Euroscientist an expert from the University of Queensland to research links between the scent of fresh grass, its effect on comfort, ease tension in the head due to stress, and happy feelings generated.

How To Cooking Not Eliminate Nutritional Content

How To Cooking
Fry: The temperature of cooking oil smoke does not pass through the point (temperature at the time of cooking oil smoke) and do not get too dry or burnt, so that the protein is not damaged. fried maximum results will be used when the oil temperature of about 110-160 * C (depending on the type of oil).

Boiling vegetables: Just until half cooked so many vitamins or minerals are not soluble in water.

Steaming: Should green vegetables still seem somewhat fresh and if bitten and still feels crispy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 Leaf Green For Anemia Prevention

Green For Anemia Prevention
Anemia caused by deficiency of red blood cells, which causes the circulation of oxygen to brain and other organ not smoothly. Due to the perceived body is often a headache, difficulty concentrating, face looked pale and tired.

According to research, the content of iron in green vegetables can increase the production of red blood cells or hemoglobin (Hb). Of the many green vegetables, there are some that are traditionally used as a remedy to overcome the lack of blood.

The portion of Healthy Sleep According to Age

healthy sleep potions
Sleep time of each person is different, the portion of sleep depending on the age of each individual. especially for a baby will need more sleep than adults.

Reporting from Yahoo Shine, Describes how much sleep time for each person on the basis of age, complete with benefits:

Excessive salt, Esophageal Stroke And Cardiovascular Risk

Excessive salt
Salt is one of the essential ingredient for a dish, any dish will taste bland without salt spiked. But it turns out salt can also bring the threat to human health when consumed in excess.

According to research scientists in Australia, the excess salt in food risk of causing blood flow in major arteries blocked. Just within 30 minutes of blood vessels is estimated to be stiff. Then, this condition will affect the work system of the heart.

How To Get Pregnant Easier for Couples

Get Pregnant Easier
Not a few couples do not have a descendant or child, though already married for years. Almost all couples who face this problem, be willing to do anything to get a pregnancy.

An expert and fertility specialist physician and founder of Southern California Reproduktive Center, named Dr. It Danzer, said there are a few tips on related positions Isti husband who can improve your chances to get pregnant, as quoted from

Herbal Remedy to Treat Child Colds

Herbal Remedy Colds
Cool temperatures and erratic weather, if not careful this is not good for the health of children, usually cold symptoms will be easy to attack. When you've got the flu, keep the child rest at home. To warm the child's body temperature, you can make their own herb.

This is often done Chef Rina Poerwadi when her daughter, Stephanie Alexandra Rich, got the flu. His profession as a practitioner Holistic Natural Health and cooking instructor in the community make Mom Can Cook Rina endless explore herbal remedy and healthy food for children. One of them, a prescription herbal drink which is also contained in his first book, Son of Favorite Cuisines.

Traditional Herb Eliminate Mouth Odor

Mouth odor is a problem that is very disturbing one's self confidence. In fact there is someone who tends to be alone because he felt so bad mouth odor.

Bad breath can be caused by several factors, such as leftover food in the mouth that comes out through respiration, food debris in between teeth, the fermentation leftovers, inflammation of the gums and other.

Really Chocolate And Candy Make You Fat?

Chocolate And Candy Make Fat
Chocolate and candy make fat? not necessarily. Even those who like to eat chocolate and sweets that have a smaller waist circumference as long as the amount of sweet foods in / create in small portions.

Recent research has found that people who eat chocolate and sweets tend to have smaller waist and body mass index (BMI) is low. not only that, for those who like to consume the sweet 15 percent could reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and reduce the risk of hypertension 14 percent lower.

Prevent Osteoporosis with Eating Fish

Prevent Osteoporosis with Fish
Fish is a food that contains nutrients and bad fats or cholesterol. In addition, research shows that people who often eat fish will have strong bones and much of the risk of osteoporosis.

From the results of a recent study showed that adults who regularly eat fish will have good bone density compared with those who rarely ate fish. The researchers also believe that the combination of fish oil may protect bones from osteoporosis risk.

"We think omega-3 fatty acids from fish may help prevent kekeroposan bones (osteoporosis)," said study leader Dr. Katherine Tucker, a professor at North-eastern University, as reported by Health24, Saturday (02/04/2011).

Tips for Treating Itching Due Caterpillars

Treating Itching Due Caterpillars
Maybe most of us already know a lot about caterpillars, we often encounter this animal in the tree branches and foliage. Although small with soft fur, but when it touched the skin can cause itching that can spread to all bodies.

To cope with the itching caused by caterpillar hair, we can take some seeds Rimbang. Rimbang is then cleaved and polished-rub gets sick, and try to Rimbang small grains remain attached to the part.

Debt Can Affect Your Health

debt and health
Are you among those who like to owe? Be careful, because it turns out the problem has the effect of bad debt for private life, health and lower quality of work.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) found nearly half of the respondents bear the adverse impact on health due to owe as suffering from a nervous breakdown, suffered hair loss, reduced ability to taste the taste and stopped menstruating, as quoted by the, Friday (1 / 4 / 2011).

Tips To Get Sleep Quickly

Tips Get Sleep Quickly
If you are the type of people who find difficulty in getting enough sleep portion, there are some easy ways you can follow to help you quickly sleepy and went to bed at night, according to Glamour.

Creating a comfortable bed
This method is one of the tricks that can make you feel comfortable when sleeping. A recent study also found that people who make them comfortable bed every day has a percentage of 19% more likely to sleep soundly. Changing bed linens, pillow and clean bed you will make you feel comfortable.

Food Containing a lot of Potassium

One mineral that is essential for human body is potassium. Benefits of potassium is to help the nerves and muscles to function properly and store the sugar in the form of glycogen.

Food Sources
Foods that contain lots of potassium include: potatoes, grains, red meat and food products to the diet. Spinach, tomato, banana and avocado also contains potassium levels high enough.

Too Much Complaining Can Be Lowers Immune

to much Complaining
A rigid attitude and is always optimistic in the face of hardness was found to increase immunity tuhuh so not easy to get sick. Conversely, if we complain a lot when facing problems, can make us susceptible to disease.

Several studies have shown that psychological factors can affect one's health. Stress in the workplace and in married life, for example, can make a person susceptible bacteria.

People often complain usually be easily stress and stress is what will be the entrance to the disease because stress reduce immunity.

Too Much Laugh Can Lower Your Memory

Do you ever feel as a forgetful person when in the midst of a party full of excitement? For example when you exchange phone numbers with old friends at an event full of laughter, If you do not record often forget as soon as arrive home.

In a study shows, that when people laugh or in a happy mood then the memory of it will decline.

Another case when a math teacher who sternly told her students memorize multiplication arithmetic. A tense silence sometimes it makes the mind sharper, making them easier to memorize the multiplication of 1 to 100.

Foods That Can Cause Stomach Ache

Some of the characteristic features of the primary person is experiencing indigestion, abdominal bloating, frequent belching and discomfort after eating. According to research American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), found that 95 million Americans suffer from bad digestion system.

According to one of the triggers ACG digestive disorders is improper food processing, such as cooking meals with suha that are too high. In addition to eliminating enzymes that are useful for the digestive process to cook with too high temperatures can also lead to premature aging.

Dr. Steven Lamm from NYU Medical Center, said those who suffer from sensitive stomach like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn, acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease known as prone to react to certain foods and drinks.

Sleeping With Bright Lamp Can Trigger Diabetes

sleep with bright lamp
A study conducted by Joshua Gooley, a health expert from Harvard Medical Scool in Boston said, sleeping with bright ambient conditions can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. The study involved 116 participants aged between 18 to 30 years.

The participants were divided into 2 groups, one of which is conditioned to be in the room is brightly lit for 8 hours before bedtime. The other group was placed in a dim room with the same duration of 8 hours.

The result of examination of blood samples taken every 30 minutes showed the hormone melatonin production down 50 percent in participants who were in a bright environment. These hormones regulate related biological clock cycles between asleep and awake.

Making Malaria Medicine Cheap And Fast

Making Malaria Medicine
A number of experts in the United States and Canada claim to have managed to find a malaria medicines manufacturing process is cheaper and faster. They claim that this way is more efficient and better than extract artemisinin from the plant. The researchers found a way to make artemisinin, the main content in some malaria medicines by using yeast, genes, and fermentation.

Researchers from OneWorld Health, Amyris, Unversity of California at Berkeley, and the Canadian government, to identify genes that produce artemisinin at generating plants. Then they tried the gene in yeast and make them artemisinin in the lab.

Reading Can Avoid the Senility

Reading Benefit
Reading is a fun activity for some circles, but many are also some people are lazy to read. While reading is an activity that very much benefits. according to a study to read to avoid the a person from the disease attacks the brain.

Dr. C. Edward Coffey, from Henry Health System, said by reading someone will be spared from Dementia''disease''. Dementia is a kind of disease that attacks the brain tissue, which causes dementia. Reading will create a kind of buffer layer and replace the changes that protect the brain.

4 Coconut Oil Benefits For the Human Body

Coconut Oil Benefits
Coconut oil contains a lot of benefits. By eating correctly a lot of benefit that can be obtained. But on the other hand, coconut oil is often avoided for those who want to diet or lose weight.

As quoted from the Times Of India, coconut oil is an important energy source for our bodies. There are four benefits that can be obtained if you eat coconut oil with a rate sufficiently.

Choosing The Right Skin Care Products

Right Skin Care Products
Skin smooth and soft is the desire of every woman around the world. This makes women willing to pay more to hunt down beauty products, and not infrequently they ignore the adverse effects of a beauty product itself.

The case is the case yakitu use of products that do not match the skin type, which occurs, opening a beautiful skin tetaoi it resulted in damage to the skin of the user.

Beauty experts recommend that to comply with the rules of usage sejumblah beauty products, as quoted from Shine.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Foods That Can Cause Body Odor

body odor cause by foods
Body odor is one of the most disturbing complaint that could lead to the decline in confidence in one's self. Why body odor a person different from each other?

The emergence of body odor caused by bacteria on the skin of the 'process' of protein and sugar in sweat. So the emergence of body odor is closely related to something that we consume, as quoted Hoswtuffworks.

6 Tips Remove Blackheads Quickly

Remove Blackheads Quickly
Lot of people confused, how to get rid of blackheads on the face. One cause of blackheads is because our skin is clogged by dirt and oil. Even very small blackheads, but if the amount is too excessive extremely disturbing. But do not worry. These tips are easy to remove blackheads from your face.

Cough Colds In Children Do not Need Antibiotics

Cough Colds In Children
Most parents always give antibiotics when they found the child has a cough and runny nose. but in fact it can actually aggravate the condition of the child. Prof. Iwan Dwiprahasto a Professor of Farmokologi UGM,''say the babies who are given antibiotics it will become more frequent cough and cold,''This is conveyed in the Workshop on Health Journalist FISIP UI, Depok, Saturday, March 26, 2011.

Prof. Iwan said that in general, children experience cough as much as 4-5 times a year. But if children are given antibiotics it could have in a year the child becomes 10 times the cough cold. If given continuously antibiotics could someday ill child every week.

Melon Fruit Benefits Preventing Kidney Disease

Melon Fruit Benefits
In addition to the fresh taste best eaten directly or used as juice, melon fruit turned out to contain some of the benefits to health.

Here are the contents and benefits of melon (Cucumis melo L):
Content of:
  • iron
  • Calcium
  • vitamins
  • phosphorus
  • carotenoids

Things to Make Breasts Not Healthy

Breasts Not Healthy
One of the important organs of the female body gets more attention is the breast. But many women sometimes do things wrong so can destroy the beauty and health of the breast itself.

Things that can affect the shape of the breast is a pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and aging.

Butter naturally above factors there are some habits that affect the beauty of women and breast health, as quoted from GuniusBeauty:

Tips for Healthy Skin With Lime

Lot of benefits can be taken from the lime. One of them is to make the skin become white and smooth. This benefit would be good news for women who desire white and smooth skin.

Orange juice is one of the fruits that contain lots of vitamins and minerals kamdungan very good for human health. It can be used for flavoring dishes and eliminate fishy smell in fish, orange juice and it turns out also can whiten the skin, especially in women.

Benefits Of Soy Milk For Healthy

Benefits Of Soy Milk
Since time immemorial soybeans known as one of the foods that have very high levels of vegetable protein. Not only that, particularly soya beans which are processed into soy milk proved to have a nutrient content that is not lost, even contains a far better when compared with regular cow's milk.

According to research conducted by some nutrition experts, soy milk is highly recommended to be used as a substitute milk formula for babies over 4 months because it proved safer than the bad bacteria that can cause health problems in infants.

The nutritional value contained in soy milk, among others:
1. 38% vegetable protein (soy protein)
2. 18% unsaturated fats
3. 15% Fiber
4. 15% Carbohydrate
5. Other minerals such as:
  • Calcium is very useful for growth and bone strength
  • Isoflavones which may help lower cholesterol and prevent cancer
  • Lecithin helps improve memory and prevent Alzheimer's disease
6. Vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin B

The Danger of Dehydration or Fluid Deficiency

Dehydration Fluid Deficiency
Most of the human organs are formed from the water even more than 70% of our weight is a liquid. So keep your intake of fluids in the body is something very important. Consequences if someone has deficiencies liquids is dangerous.

When the fluid balance in the body began to fail, such as thirst will appear. The body then produces an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) to reduce the production of urine in the kidney. The goal to keep the liquid that comes out not much. Well, the water we drink is generally sufficient to replace fluids lost during normal activities such as breathing, sweating, urination, or defecation.

Choosing Sports According to Body Shape

Choosing Sports for body shape
No doubt, Sport is one activity that can maintain fitness and health. But did you know that every person with a different body shape should also have different sports as well, in order to get maximum results.

Everyone, both men and women are born with certain body types and shapes. This is because body shape is influenced by genetic factors inherited from both parents.

Some people sometimes do not get good results even do regular exercise, this may be because the sport that do not fit the body shape that is owned. Because of different body shapes also indicate the number and distribution pattern of fat cells are different.

Effect of Color To Appetite

Effect of Color
Eating is one of the basic needs that can not be left on all human beings live is no exception. All human beings must require the food to support life, but often we meet someone who is lazy to eat.

There are a number of studies conducted on how the perception of taste is affected by color. The study concluded that people learn and become familiar with specific combinations of colors and foods. This combination can change perceptions and create expectations about how smell and taste of food.

Any color that can stimulate appetite? Here are some color and psychological effects on appetite, as reported by Lifemojo, Wednesday (05/11/2011):

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prevent Growth of Cancer With Sweet Potatoes And Carrots

kill Cancer with carrots
The content of carrots and sweet potatoes that are efficacious as anticancer retionat acid, which is a derivative of vitamin A which is also beneficial for eye health. In cancer cells, these compounds can inhibit the growth and spread in breast tissue.

This compound works by binding to specific receptors that play a role in the division of cancer cells themselves. When these receptors bind to retinoic acid, the growth of cancer cells is inhibited so as not to be getting bigger.

Some Supplements That Not Allow Mixed With Drugs

Supplements and Drugs
To improve fitness, not a few people who take the drug at once supplements. Though there are some supplements that should not be mixed with drugs.

Drugs are consumed in the form of supplements, vitamins, medical drugs or herbal medicines should not be used arbitrarily. This is because some drugs can cause a specific interaction that reflects poorly on the body.

Food and Drug Administration(FDA) said that only a few cases of reported drug interactions that sometimes is not known. This is generally because people are not aware of any interactions between drugs consumed.

Here are some supplements that should not be mixed or consumed together with the drug, the FDA of Health was quoted as saying on Thursday (04/07/2011), namely:

Drinking Coffee After Eating, Can Disturb Health

Drinking Coffee and Healthy
Are you or your family have a habit of drinking coffee after a meal? From now on try to stop the habit, because according to researchers from the University of Guelph in Canada, drinking coffee after eating foods that contain fat can increase blood sugar levels doubled.

Apparently, fat affects the body's ability to produce insulin and distribute it to the muscles that trigger blood sugar rises to the level of potentially dangerous.

Sharing health knowledge and herbal medicines