Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Healthy During Still Smoking

healthy during smoking
For a smoker, stop the addiction to cigarettes is the biggest difficulty in life. But that does not mean you have to surrender to quit this bad habit. However, there are actually tips, in order to remain healthy even though you can not stop smoking.

Here is a suggestion from Dr Budhi Setianto DR SpJP (K), counselor to Stop Smoking Clinic Heart Hospital Harapan Kita, Jakarta, To be always healthy during still smoking:

  1. Make a habit of exercising or start a program / hobby with family / friends who are not smokers.
  2. Make this a regular event. Sport is not only important for those who want to live healthy, but also for smokers. Spend approximately 30 minutes a day to give your body gets enough oxygen. Do not smoke while exercising because this will diminish any benefits.
  3. Do not smoke while drinking coffee. Although believed to add delight, content of caffeine in coffee can raise levels of carbon dioxide in the lungs. Instead, choose a drink that can neutralize toxins brought on by smoking, such as fresh fruit juice or milk.
  4. Replace cigarettes with snacks as mouth wash.
  5. Replace smoke while defecating habits by reading books, comics, newspapers or tabloids. Read far more useful activities to increase knowledge or simply as a relaxation.
  6. Try to think a moment before lighting a cigarette, about how this feels more beautiful life without cigarettes.
  7. If until now you have to smoke, try to think real life is much better without cigarettes.

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