Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple Tips To Heal a Whitish

tips Heal a Whitish
Whitish is womanhood a disease rather annoying for the sufferer. Discharge can occur due to fatigue or exhaustion. Can also be caused by gonorrhea or because of inflammation of the uterus.

Usually whitish disease characterized by pain dibagian waist, lower abdomen (below the navel). Pubic whitish discharge, usually only slightly but in some cases too many, and smells.

Two traditional tips to overcome Whitish:
  1. Every morning after waking, before a meal (empty stomach), Take 1 tablespoon of kerosene (kerosene choose clean and not smelly), and fasting 2 hours. Do it for 14 days ritin.
  2. Tread liman 1 handful of dried roots and a handful of grass and pearl. Boiled in 4 cups of water until the remaining half of his. daily drink the cooking water 3 times, each 1 cup. Do it every day until cured. Special early morning drinking 3 hours after drinking kerosene.

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