Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Causes and How to Overcome Body Odor

How to Overcome Body Odor
What should be do to avoid or eliminate body odor? The following steps are considered the most effective way to prevent and eliminate unpleasant body odor, including:

  1. Drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach
  2. Use baking soda on the underarms and feet to reduce sweating
  3. To reduce the pH of the skin and eliminate underarm odor, use apple cider vinegar instead of deodorant. Enter into a glass of water and use to rinse the underarms in the bath.
  4. In the summer, at least bathe three times a day to remove sweat that tends to be much.
  5. Avoid processed foods such as hydrogenated oils and other processed foods. Eat healthy foods that contain lots of fiber such as whole grains, wheat, soy products and green leafy vegetables. Also reduce meat and dairy products.
  6. Also avoid foods that trigger excessive sweating such as spicy and hot food.
  7. Reduce foods that can cause odors such as onions and curry. Frequent consumption of foods containing garlic (lehsun), curry and cumin (jeera) can cause some very strong odor coming from the pores of up to 24 hours after consumption.
  8. Use cotton clothes that can better absorb sweat so it does not immediately mix with the bacteria that cause odor. Often change clothes when she was a lot of sweating.

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