Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tips for Treating Itching Due Caterpillars

Treating Itching Due Caterpillars
Maybe most of us already know a lot about caterpillars, we often encounter this animal in the tree branches and foliage. Although small with soft fur, but when it touched the skin can cause itching that can spread to all bodies.

To cope with the itching caused by caterpillar hair, we can take some seeds Rimbang. Rimbang is then cleaved and polished-rub gets sick, and try to Rimbang small grains remain attached to the part.

After that wait until a few minutes. Will usually recover within a few minutes. So about this Rimbang usefulness. Can offer the toxins that cause itching in the skin that touched the caterpillar hair. These drugs are often used High Tobias society, Madina.

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