Sunday, May 15, 2011

You know, Skin of Apple Fruit Contain High Nutritious

Skin of Apple Fruit
Did you know the apple skin was saving a lot of vitamins. Therefore, if you do not need to eat peeled apples, because apples have the highest nutrient in skin.

Concerns about pesticide residues left on the skin of the fruit makes a lot of people are afraid of eating fruits directly. In fact, some types of fruit such as apple store essential nutrients just under the skin.

"If the skin is peeled, of course vitamins can go wasted. Indeed there are nutrients in meat, but usually a little fruit," said Dr. Inge Permadhi, a nutritionist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. Therefore, he recommends eating fruits directly to the skin.

To minimize pesticide residues, Dr Inge offers tips for washing fruit with warm water and soap and then rinsed with running water. Currently also available a special soap to wash the fruit that can be used. If you're still worried, could also eat organic fruits.

Know that the highest nutrient found in fruit skin? Yes. The experts also say some kinds of fruit leather is the main source of antioxidants that are useful to prevent cancer, maintain healthy skin and delay the arrival of wrinkles on our face. So, revert intention peel fruits and enjoy the following properties for our body.

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