Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dont Wash Your Face When Hot

Face wash helps clean the face of the particles-particles and dirt on the face. Washing the face to retain moisture to keep skin soft and supple, and can prevent acne.

But you should not wash your face while hot air or heat, because heat and sweat can clog pores. For that wait a while until the body temperature returned to normal and the pores of the skin is in normal condition.

After the normal body temperature before are advised to wash your face. But the most important step is to wash your hands first so that dirt, germs and other substances that stick in hand does not move to the face, as quoted by Discovery, Friday (4/8/2011).

In addition, should resist the urge to rub the face with a towel in order to quickly free from sweat. Because if the body temperature is hot or not normal, the pores of the face will remain clogged.

When you wash your face do not use hot water because it can make the skin dry and dangerous. Use warm water to wash your face and then rinse it and ended by washing face using cold water.

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