Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sleep Healthier Without Clothes

Sleep Healthier
During one's sleep, the body will experience the process improvements organs naturally. Repair or recavere body can be hampered if we are wrong to wear a nightgown itself. With loose clothing, or no clothes at all is the best way to sleep. This has encouraged by health experts in several countries.

During sleep, your body will lean muscle. But there are other important processes that occur in the body when we sleep. During sleep the body repair and detoxification (remove toxins). Sleep also gives an opportunity for the immune system to produce hormones immunity (immune system).

For women, the better your bra off while you sleep.? Women who want to avoid breast cancer should wear a bra in the shortest time possible and preferably less than 12 hours per day. "The best time to rest for the breast is a time to sleep without a bra. Do not ever sleep with a bra," said Soma Grismaijer Australian researchers.

Using the bra is too long to raise the temperature of breast tissue, thereby increasing the hormone prolactin (hormone that functions to stimulate the milk glands) are higher. This can affect the formation of breast cancer. Also, by using frequently or wear a bra bra that is too tight is very dangerous for health because it also can limit the flow of lymph in the breast. Normally, lymph fluid wash waste and other toxic materials, and also remove it from the breast.

Meanwhile, for The Adam should use or do not wear loose clothing at all. This is to provide an opportunity for the testes to reduce the temperature will continue to maintain the quality of sperm. Male reproductive organs outside the body, so strongly influenced by the surrounding circumstances and clothing. If a guy wearing tight pants or underwear for too long, can increase the temperature around the reproductive organs and will certainly affect sperm production.

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