Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 Coconut Oil Benefits For the Human Body

Coconut Oil Benefits
Coconut oil contains a lot of benefits. By eating correctly a lot of benefit that can be obtained. But on the other hand, coconut oil is often avoided for those who want to diet or lose weight.

As quoted from the Times Of India, coconut oil is an important energy source for our bodies. There are four benefits that can be obtained if you eat coconut oil with a rate sufficiently.

1. Antibacterial
Coconut oil also contains anti-bacterial ingredients and anti-fungal. The content of these can help your body fight infection from bacteria and fungus attack.

2. Increase energy
Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acids, abundant in coconut oil (about 50 percent in the composition). Acid is an incredible source of energy. Another source of lauric acid found only in breast milk (breast milk). Its function is to provide protection against infection in infants, when their immune systems are still developing. These fatty acids are also easily absorbed by human body and is processed directly into energy.

3. Increase metabolism
Coconut oil and coconut products can improve thyroid function by 20 percent. Thyroid function efficiently is very important for the body, because it works to increase metabolism and energy production.

4. Stable to cooking
Coconut oil is very stable for cooking, no need of purification, did not need hydrogenation, to increase metabolism and is rich in fatty acids that boost the immune system. Nutrients also remain stable when treated with high heat, including adding delicious cuisine.

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