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Source Foods Prohibited for Pregnant Women

 Foods Prohibited for Pregnant
Not a few people who say some specific food sources that can affect pregnancy health can even lead to miscarriage. It's not wrong, but also not entirely true, provided we know very well the types of food that should not be or should dipantang for pregnant women, based on medical research that has been through testing.

As quoted from the American Pregnancy Association (APA) mentions several cracked foods can indeed affect the pregnancy, and should be avoided by pregnant women.

Raw vegetables
Not only fish and meat, raw vegetables also should be avoided. Besides the threat of toxoplasma, carried by vegetable pesticides will disrupt the development of babies in the womb. So make sure all the vegetables that you consume in a mature state. So mothers, be careful to maintain the pregnancy for maternal and infant mortality can be reduced.

Raw Meat or Fish
Hobby eat sushi seems to have postponed it. Meat or fish are eaten without cooking first very risky contain harmful bacteria like salmonella and toxoplasma.

Fish Bermerkuri
It is not easy to distinguish between fish with high mercury content. But, you should avoid canned foods or eat them less often.

Raw or partially cooked eggs
It is not advisable to consume raw or partially cooked eggs. Salmonella bacteria usually live there are very dangerous for the womb.

Assorted raw egg-based sauce
Because raw or undercooked eggs become taboo, then the salad dressings, mayonnaise, homemade ice cream, custard, or cream cakes should be avoided. Eliminate any food menus containing raw eggs from your diet.

Soft Cheese
Imported cheeses should also be avoided because it is suspected that the imported cheeses contain bacteria called Listeria. This bacterium is dangerous because it can cause bleeding, until miscarriage.

Non-pasteurized milk
As with soft cheese, non-pasteurized milk are also suspected carry the bacteria Listeria.

This drink has long been included in the list should not be taken for pregnant women. As is known, alcohol is very dangerous for anyone who is not pregnant. The threat of alcohol other than dangerous to the kidneys and heart, too dangerous for all other body parts.

Alcohol can be regarded as poison, which would disrupt the nervous system if taken continuously. In pregnant and lactating women, alcohol can cause mental disorders in infants, and other pregnancy disorders.

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