Saturday, May 14, 2011

Herbal Remedy to Treat Child Colds

Herbal Remedy Colds
Cool temperatures and erratic weather, if not careful this is not good for the health of children, usually cold symptoms will be easy to attack. When you've got the flu, keep the child rest at home. To warm the child's body temperature, you can make their own herb.

This is often done Chef Rina Poerwadi when her daughter, Stephanie Alexandra Rich, got the flu. His profession as a practitioner Holistic Natural Health and cooking instructor in the community make Mom Can Cook Rina endless explore herbal remedy and healthy food for children. One of them, a prescription herbal drink which is also contained in his first book, Son of Favorite Cuisines.

Rina made ​​herbal concoction of ginger tea should be drunk three times a day when Stephanie flu. "Give your child in a small cup of ginger tea, three times a day while catching colds. Ginger tea will make the body warm and cold has spread to cough," he explained.

How to make it simple. Prepare 250 g of fresh ginger, peeled and crushed. Other materials, one liter of water, half a cup of hot water, one sliced ​​lemon and a teaspoon of honey. How to prepare:
  1. Boil ginger with water to a boil, then lift as reddish ginger.
  2. Let the water cool ginger, put into bottles, seal tightly. Keep refrigerated
  3. Mix half a cup of ginger tea cold with hot water, lemon, and honey. Mix well and serve.

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