Friday, May 13, 2011

Effect of Color To Appetite

Effect of Color
Eating is one of the basic needs that can not be left on all human beings live is no exception. All human beings must require the food to support life, but often we meet someone who is lazy to eat.

There are a number of studies conducted on how the perception of taste is affected by color. The study concluded that people learn and become familiar with specific combinations of colors and foods. This combination can change perceptions and create expectations about how smell and taste of food.

Any color that can stimulate appetite? Here are some color and psychological effects on appetite, as reported by Lifemojo, Wednesday (05/11/2011):

a. Yellow
Yellow is a bright cheerful colors. Yellow improves concentration, also stimulates the appetite, because this is related to happiness.

b. Green
Green is associated with natural colors, health and often used to demonstrate product safety. Because of its relationship with nature, green is considered as calming and relaxing color.

c. Red
Red is the color of the full emotional and very energetic color. This color can increase the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure, and also can increase appetite. Because it can stimulate appetite, red color is often used as a paint color wall restaurants and also a good choice for color in the dining room.

d. Toska (turquoise)
This color can stimulate appetite. Toska and orange color combination could even be a combination of colors that 'delicious'.

e. Orange
The color orange can help increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, producing a refreshing effect and stimulates mental activity. The color orange is the color that can make people feel comfortable. And like the color orange, orange is associated with healthy foods and can stimulate appetite.

Green, brown and red are the most popular food colors. Red and yellow are often used in the decoration of the restaurant because this color can stimulate appetite.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat food on a plate of black or dark. Dark colors in the subconscious can reduce appetite. Further, supper should be eaten in the dark plate, but the breakfast must be eaten on plates bright.

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