Monday, May 9, 2011

Tips For Overcoming Body Odor By Keeping Emotions

Tips For Overcoming Body Odor
Body odor is one of the problems that interfere with social activities of every individual. Even body odor can interfere with the level of confidence in man. Many factors that trigger on someone's body odor, such as sources of food, lifestyle or congenital factors in the body.

But did you know that body odor can also be triggered by a high level of emotion? Based on several studies it turns out, in addition to the factors above, body odor can also arise from emotional feelings and stress.

Self-confidence is much influenced by the emotional things and feelings, both from themselves and external factors. Dr Hanny Nilasari, SpKK, skin specialists from RSCM, points out, many women do not realize that stress, nervous, and any form of emotion can cause sudden increases your metabolism and out emotional sweat.

In addition, stress, emotion, humidity, heat, light and movement can cause the appearance of perspiration. "Forms of other emotions, such as laughing and crying, also cause emotional sweat. And excessive sweating coupled with humid conditions in the folds of the body which is favored by the bacteria will make unpleasant odor that affects confidence, "said Hanny.

Sweating can not be avoided by everyone, especially it is a sign of a healthy body. But the sweat that causes odor will actually hurt our performance. If reducing the odor of sweat, women must avoid various kinds of fibrous food.

Therefore, this fiber foods will make the metabolism in the stomach became worse and eventually led to the burning smell bad. "Meat and food that has a sharp smell, like garlic, onions, and onions, will affect the unpleasant sweat smell out of the body. And, to reduce the smell of sweat that, you have a lot to consume all the fruits and vegetables," said Hannah.

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