Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Effects from Types of Music For Healthy

types of music
Music is one of several interesting activities for all parts of the brain. Pythagorus, Plato and Aristotle realized the power of music therapy. Einstein himself said that one reason he is so smart is because love to play the violin.

Any genre or type of music have different effects for the body. Here are some types of music and its effect on the body, as reported by Lifemojo on Monday (4/11/2011):

1. Rock Music
Listening to rock music can give you adrenaline unlike other genres. If you do not like listening to rock music, then listen to make you feel angry and resentful as well as increased heart rate and blood pressure. However, if you enjoy listening to this kind of music can help to relieve stress without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

2. Classical music
Classical music is the kind of music that often involves a large orchestra and usually without vocal accompaniment. Classical music has a tendency to soothe the body and stimulate the mind. Type of music has been found to reduce stress (even for people who are not too fond of classical music) and improve certain types of intelligence such as verbal ability and spatial-temporal reasoning.

3. Rap or Hip Hop Music
Hip Hop music has a different effect on many teenagers. On the one hand, found this kind of music to promote negative feelings, and on the other hand is so energetic music that makes you want to get up and dance.

4. Indian classical music
Indian classical music is complex and expressive. Indian music is based on sports (melodic mode) and Taal (rhythmic cycle specific). Certain sports are known to activate all the chakras (energy centers or mood) of the body, thus benefit in carrying out other creative tasks.

Indian classical music therapy is often used or recommended for the treatment of insomnia, migraine, chronic headaches, hypertension, anxiety, etc.. A study found that listening to Indian classical music can improve the quality of sleep in individuals who experience depression. The researchers concluded that the effect is comparable with hypnotic medications in improving sleep quality in patients with depression.

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