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Foods Source For Healthy Hair And Starred

Foods Source For Healthy Hair
To get healthy and shining hair that you really do not have to pay an expensive and not bother to linger disalon. When we have a little jelly and some cracked smart food that can nourish the hair and make it look berkiau naturally. Tomatoes, broccoli, salmon, and blueberries are rich in foods that benefit the health of our hair.

The content of vitamins, minerals, and essential fats in it become the key healthy shiny hair. Here are 12 foods that are healthful and serves to give the hair a natural sheen, as quoted from The Frisky:

Salmon, contain omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, and iron
  1. Dark green vegetables to get vitamins A and C
  2. Beans to get zinc, biotin and iron
  3. Peanuts contain selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and alpha-linolenic acid
  4. Protein-rich poultry
  5. Eggs contain protein
  6. Cereals
  7. Oysters contain zinc
  8. Low-fat dairy products containing calcium and protein
  9. Carrots for vitamin A
  10. Beef is rich in protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins
  11. Brown rice for vitamin B and fiber
Want another way to get shiny hair natural? Avoid too much hair care process with chemicals and hair dryer, also too much coloration to the hair. All of that plays to make hair dull.

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