Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Causes of Failure to Lose Weight

Failure to Lose Weight
Do you include people who are facing weight problems? Indeed for some people who are obese or overweight tersa difficult to menurunkanya. Sometimes even to despair and let this situation happen to them.

Generally most people have a lot of willingness to lose weight, but to no avail. To increase the chances of success of behavior change necessary 1-2.

Some of the habits that made a person could unwittingly create difficult weight is reduced so that it remains to be fat. For that to know what things that can make a person difficult to become thin, as quoted from, Tuesday (17/05/2011), namely:

Frequent snacking on salty foods
Sodium contained in salt can make a person continue to eat without realizing that he will be snacking in big portions. Gradually reducing salt intake can make a person slightly reduce ketagihannya.

Eating in front of the television
This is because someone is eating but do not burn calories, and studies show that eating in front of the television will make it consume more calories and menjadikanya increasingly inactive. And do not sleep after eating a heavy meal, but wait until several hours later.

Skipping meals
Do not have a regular meal times can make the body difficult to control appetite and become more of a meal. If someone spent the time eating the brain has no power and will send a signal to eat more.

Eating quickly
If someone ate quickly will make it feel full faster and will move to other foods. For that try to enjoy it and slow it down so the body more able to recognize the full signal and makes the brain issued an order to stop eating.

Doing a party at the end of the week
Party at the end of the week will cause problems later. Study finds saturated fatty acids from food will affect the palmitic acid and leptin (a hormone that helps regulate appetite), so that makes it will overeat on Monday.

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