Friday, May 13, 2011

Foods That Can Cause Body Odor

body odor cause by foods
Body odor is one of the most disturbing complaint that could lead to the decline in confidence in one's self. Why body odor a person different from each other?

The emergence of body odor caused by bacteria on the skin of the 'process' of protein and sugar in sweat. So the emergence of body odor is closely related to something that we consume, as quoted Hoswtuffworks.

Here's the smell of food triggers the body:
1. Turmeric
Turmeric also contains volatile compounds released our body through sweat. This compound is absorbed by the blood and lungs after digestion, so not only cause body odor but also bad breath odor.

2. Onion
Garlic and onions are often considered as the cause of unpleasant body odor. This assumption was not wrong, because the two ingredients of this food has a sulfurous volatile substances. This substance resist the smell of onions remained stuck for hours after eating.

2. Red Meat
In addition to cooking spices, red meat were also contributing causes bad body odor. A study published in the journal Chemical Senses found, the person who runs the vegetarian lifestyle has more body smell delicious, interesting and less cause odor than those who ate meat.

3. Spicy Food
One more is considered a cause body odor is spicy foods. Actually, spicy foods do not have a specific scent that cause odor. But, spicy foods increase the body temperature so that the sweat production increase. More and more sweat on the skin, the bacteria will be more comfortable to linger there. When the bacteria mixed with sweat, body odor will be getting stung.

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