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How to Get Baby Male

get baby male
For now we are discussing is how to we get a boy. Here are tips although not 100% guaranteed, but the chance to get a boy will be bigger.

Make sex with your partner 24 hours before ovulation (release of eggs) and a maximum of 12 hours thereafter. Do not do it outside that period.

Why is that?
Sperm containing the gene male (Y sperm) sperm swim more swiftly than the genes containing the female (X sperm), because sperm carrying the Y gene fewer materials. If both are "pitted" the Y sperm will reach the egg faster. However, age of Y sperm only three days, whereas the X sperm five days. Egg age only 12-24 hours. If the relationship is more than 2 days before ovulation, the chances are still alive in the womb live sperm X. When the relationship made 12 hours after ovulation, the egg probably eat already dead.

The trick is easy, but it's not that easy in practice because of the difficulty to determine the date of ovulation.

How to determine when ovulation?
If you have regular menstrual cycles, the time is more easily determined. Your fertile period approximately 14 days after the first day of menstruation, with 28 days of your menstrual cycle. In the fertile period will be found one day in which the egg is released from her ovaries (ovulation). To ascertain whether ovulation is happening, here are the signs:

Before ovulation, there is cervical fluid (mucus servical) is elastic and clear like egg white.

At the time of ovulation, your body temperature when you wake up in the morning (basal body temperature) increases. This is due to an increase in the hormone progesterone that accompany the release of an egg.
Abdominal pain. One in five women experience pain in the abdomen in the lower right abdomen during ovulation. The level of pain varies from mild to just like tingling and lasted from several minutes to several hours.

The most accurate way to determine ovulation is by using ovulation test kits, which analyzed the urine samples in order to detect any increase in the typical lutein hormone at the time of ovulation.

Foods that increase your chances
In order to support the activities of the Y sperm, the prospective mother should consume foods high in sodium and potassium and reduced calcium and magnesium. Foods high in sodium will create a suitable environment for sperm alkaline Y. Bernatrium and high potassium foods such as soy, bananas and tomatoes. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium that should be avoided such as broccoli, spinach, and shellfish.

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