Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Burn Calories with Stay Up at Night

How Burn Calories with Stay Up
Stay up always synonymous with negative behavior, too many people think that stay up can harm health. But it also stayed up late also contain beneficial for health, recently a study conducted by scientists from Colorado Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory shows stay up to assist the process of burning calories.

The experts say to stay up to burn calories as much as 135 calories. The amount is equivalent to a walk along the 3.2 kilometers. "The amount of energy storage is needed to explain the epidemic of obesity is 50 calories a day, so the findings were very significant," said study leader, Professor Kenneth Wright.

Nevertheless, Wright emphasizes staying out is not a good way to be used in a weight loss program. Because those who spent more than 16 hours to stay awake, take a break without a break for 8 hours. It aims to maintain the condition of several organs.

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