Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Human Organs Free from Cancer attack

healthy nails
Cancer is one disease belonging to the deadly disease. Almost all the organs of the human body ranging from bones, blood, breast, skin, heart and others can be affected by cancer. But actually there are two organs of human body which will not attacked by cancer, do you know?

"The hair and nails can not get cancer because it is dead tissue, so it can be cut," said Dr. Joni Fauzi, Deputy Director of the Ethical PT Kalbe Farma in talking with the media at the Penang Bistro, Menteng, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/04/2011 .)

According to Dr. Joni, in both parts of the body other than the cancer can strike any part of the human body. The lungs, including the body part most widely attacked by cancer, with the highest death rate in 2008 that 1.4 million people around the world.

Data World Health Organization WHO in 2008 put the stomach in the second rank at most parts of the body attacked the cancer, with mortality rates 740 000 inhabitants. Row below it is the liver (700,000 deaths), colorectal (610,000 deaths) and breast (460,000 deaths).

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