Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips for Long Life, From The World's Oldest Man

Tips for Long Life
Did you know that guy who recorded the world's oldest has just died. Walter Breuning, Men from the United States was closed at the age of 114 years. Because of his death was due to natural factors.

Previously, he lived in a nursing home Senior Living Rainbow, also in the area of ​​Great Falls. We learn about tips for long life from his lived.

Although Breuning was the oldest man, but he is not the oldest man alive. According to data Gerontology Research Group based in Los Angeles, Besse Cooper, a woman from Monroe, Georgia, is the oldest person in the world. Excerpted from Life Little Mysteries, April 17, 2011, Cooper was born 26 days before Breuning.

Breuning had revealed his secret to living a bit longer. In the Associated Press it was revealed, we must help others, accept change, and not afraid to die, eat two meals a day, and continue working.

"Everyone says that your mind is the most important thing on your body," says Breuning. "The mind and body. If you make them stay busy, God will give you long life, "he said.

Breuning maintain her weight remained stable during the last 50 years of his life, namely between 57 to 59 pounds. Over the years, he was taking aspirin, but eventually he stopped that habit and do not take any medicine because he said he did not need it.

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