Saturday, May 14, 2011

Too Much Complaining Can Be Lowers Immune

to much Complaining
A rigid attitude and is always optimistic in the face of hardness was found to increase immunity tuhuh so not easy to get sick. Conversely, if we complain a lot when facing problems, can make us susceptible to disease.

Several studies have shown that psychological factors can affect one's health. Stress in the workplace and in married life, for example, can make a person susceptible bacteria.

People often complain usually be easily stress and stress is what will be the entrance to the disease because stress reduce immunity.

In a study conducted last year at the University of Kentucky, Prof. Suzanne Segerstrom compare the effect of optimistic and pessimistic attitude towards the immune system.

For this purpose, Prof. Segerstrom involving 124 first semester law students. The students were asked to fill out questionnaires about foresight in addressing the academic competition with other students on campus.

Students who are optimistic are not easily stressed when faced with competition, whereas students who often complain of feeling pessimistic and his friends are smarter than himself. Complaining and pessimistic attitude cause stress and other negative emotions such as low self-esteem.

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