Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Ways Get Quality of a Good Sleep

Quality of a Good Sleep
Sleep is one of the necessities of life that must be be fulfilled. 7 hours of sleep time for adults who have been the inadequate reference our body needs, it was not too effective if we are poor sleep quality. Most important is our good quality sleep can rejuvenate after waking up.

As quoted from KlikDokter, Thursday (7 / 4) some of these tips can improve the quality of a good sleep:
  1. Indeed the researchers only know the bedroom as two functions. Ie, to perform sexual activities and to sleep. When the bedroom and the mattress has been used for other functions, this will reduce the quality of the dugout. So do not ever unite bedroom with den or study. For you who still kos should enable small parts in a room with the best possible. So that the mattress is only used for sleeping, the rest are doing other activities such as studying or watching TV in other places.
  2. Avoid ornaments bedroom with light-colored interior or crowded. To change the hours of night you can try to hang the clock on the wall opposite the direction of view.
  3. If you can not sleep well do not stay long lay on the bed. Better to get up and do other activities. Avoid bed before you feel sleepy.
  4. Set a regular bedtime. Hours of sleep a mess could disrupt your biological clock. Although sleep late does not mean you can get up over lunch. At first it's hard but if the pattern is embedded with either would be undertaken.
  5. Do not force yourself if you can not nap. Many will recover fatigue nap a little while but the effects are you so difficult to sleep at night. Your pattern will change if this occurs.

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