Monday, May 9, 2011

Prevent Stomach Ulcers With Yogurt

Prevent Stomach Ulcers With Yogurt
Since the number of calcium, nutrients and protein contained therein, then the yogurt on the list of healthy foods. In addition to digestion, new research says that yogurt may prevent gastritis and stomach ulcers.

A clinical study in Japan recently stated, that yogurt may fight bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and gastritis or stomach ulcers, namely Helicobacter pylori.

Research was conducted on 42 people who tested positive for H pylori. They were asked to consume two cups a day of yogurt or plain yogurt containing urease antibodies for four weeks.

The results showed that H pylori infection in humans can be reduced by drinking yogurt plus antibody.

H pylori, excessive use of aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can indeed cause stomach ulcers. While ulcers can be treated effectively with antibiotics and acid suppressants or acid suppressant. Unfortunately, this simple regimen is not available in many developing countries.

In this study, researchers found that H. pylori proteins appear to rely on the hard pressed and then infects the stomach lining. Therefore, the need for stimulation of the immune system to produce antibodies.

"Although yogurt is not as effective as antibiotics to reduce the rate of H pylori, but it's much easier to get and be eaten daily as part of a routine rather than taking medication," he explained.

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