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6 Easy Tips To Prevent Cancer

Easy Tips To Prevent Cancer
Cancer is a deadly disease that threatens every person in this earth. Actually we do not have to worry or be afraid of the threat of this disease, as long as we adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age by itself then we will be free from the threat of cancer.

Thomas A. Sellers, PhD, director of cancer prevention at the Moffitt Cancer Center say some among us who are genetically inherited cancer. But really, it does not affect much talent. The most decisive factor is lifestyle.

Do not imagine a healthy lifestyle should all difficult. Must exercise such as athletes or should not eat anything but vegetables are bland with no seasoning. You do not have to like it. Apply just simple steps that have been scientifically tested this. Surely you will be healthier and furthest from deadly diseases like cancer. Here
1. Snacking on nuts.
Brazil nuts, cashews, green beans, all rich in mineral selenium.

2. Diligent burn calories.
There have been many studies to show that regular exercise, such as walking for 2 hours per week can reduce the risk of various types of cancer significantly.

3. Drinking coffee every day.
Recent research from the UK mentioned, people who daily drank 5 or more cups of bitter black coffee, have a risk of brain cancer is 40 percent smaller than the rarely drink coffee.

4. Simply drinking.
Drinking water, at least 8 glasses a day or as needed, experts believed could reduce the risk of bladder cancer. By drinking enough, impurities in the body will more quickly come out with urine and had no time to settle into cancer.

5. Save water in appropriate container. Store drinking water in a stainless steel container or a container made of clear glass.

6. Choose dark-colored vegetables. Check out expert advice for salad lovers: Expand eating dark green vegetables.

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Evan Marcus said...

These 6 tips to prevent cancer are not enough. I would like to say that proper environment is also necessary to refrain from getting cancer. Place which is very polluted should be left and one should situate himself where there is fresh breath of air, no pollution and hygiene is there.

Evan Marcus
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