Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Importance of Sport After Heart Attack

Sport After Heart Attack
Many people are often afraid to do sports activities after a heart attack. Though exercise can speed recovery after heart attack, with a record we need to know what type of exercise is good for it. This adalahhasil from several studies conducted by experts and doctors in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada.

The study found that those who start exercising week after a heart attack have a heart condition best. While they are waiting longer to start exercising should be practicing for a month or more, to be able to experience similar benefits.

"In the past, patients in Canada and the United States were asked to wait in a month before starting therapy and exercise therapy has only run for three months. Based on research results, we recommend exercising regularly for six months pascaserangan dalah the best heart," said Alex Clark, University of Alberta researcher

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