Sunday, May 8, 2011

Types of Allergies That You Need To Know

Types of Allergies
Allergy or known hypersensitivity also I found a lot of kind, not only allergic to dust or cat fur, but still there are allergies to things that probably never even thought of. Below are the types of allergies are weird:

1. Shoe
Shoes contain dyes, glue, rubber, and other materials which could come into contact with one of the easier parts of the body sweating, foot. Allergy sufferers will feel itching, skin redness, and peeling skin.
Allergy Medications can help, but if someone is allergic to rubber or leather, maybe he should often barefoot

2. Water
Allergic to water Aquagenic called urticaria. Sufferers are very rare. The symptoms, the patient will feel itch, there are signs, as well as wounds on the skin is exposed to water. Allergies are dangerous since water is one of the abundant material - regardless of the difficulty of access to clean water.

Medical experts do not yet know the cause of allergies water. But, they realize that histamine, which causes a lot of allergies, can not be a reason for allergy sufferers water did not improve when given antihistamines. Their best guesses: water allergy sufferers may react to additives in the liquid.

3. Mobile phone
Materials maker of mobile phones contain nickel, a substance that can cause allergies in many people. In addition, radiation, electromagnetic, and microwave can memici allergic reactions in sensitive-skinned people.

4. Sports
Very difficult to diagnose allergies is called Exercise urticaria. You see, when people exercise, so many things going on inside her body. However, common symptoms are itching, bumps, nausea, and vomiting. When the situation is already severe, they can be given suntuikan shock and epinephrine.

5. Sun Rays
Bak vampires, people with uticaria photo (sun allergies), can not be exposed to sunlight. If they are exposed to too much sunlight, their skin will hurt.
The effect can be reduced with antihistamines and steroids allergies. But still they could not be sunbathing on the beach.

6. Sex
There are women who are allergic to semen - men are also there. Doctors do not know the cause, but people who suffer Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity skin will suffer injury after 10 minutes exposed to semen.
Unique solution to this problem: the more frequently exposed to semen, the body will become stronger against semen!

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