Monday, May 9, 2011

Herbal Treatment For the Right Solution

Herbal Treatment For helath
Various kinds of plants and herbs that grow in this country we are actually very beneficial as the owner of this homeland. Many plants that have not been put to good use, Though hundreds of types of plants that grow in much of Asia is believed to save properties and functionality that can be useful health world and herbal treatment is the right solution from many aspect.

However, to use a kind of herbal plants are, your health should be examined first in the herbal clinic. After that, you will be given a prescription drug. "I prefer the herbs. Therefore, more secure jobs, jobs are also more subtle, and more healed," said Heru Tandyono doctor, a physician and herbalist.

Leaves, roots, or fruit can be processed traditionally, such as boiled or or embedded in the body of the sick. But, there is already processed into capsule for reasons practical and easy. The price of herbal medicine that has been processed into capsules average of 3 USD to 5 USD for the 30 capsules that can be used within 10 days

The benefits of medicinal plants are already being felt Helda Hasyiria ever convicted doctor develop cysts. Over the past two months, he ate the leaves god, chicken claws, Intersection white, and white turmeric. "At the end of the month check, cyst was gone," said Helda

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