Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reading Can Avoid the Senility

Reading Benefit
Reading is a fun activity for some circles, but many are also some people are lazy to read. While reading is an activity that very much benefits. according to a study to read to avoid the a person from the disease attacks the brain.

Dr. C. Edward Coffey, from Henry Health System, said by reading someone will be spared from Dementia''disease''. Dementia is a kind of disease that attacks the brain tissue, which causes dementia. Reading will create a kind of buffer layer and replace the changes that protect the brain.

Recent brain research has discovered the benefits of reading in growing dendrites, one of the components of the brain nerve cells or neurons. Read new words to stimulate the brain, because the brain likes to challenge and new things. Reading is an activity full of challenges and always bring someone to enter new territory.

Recognized or not, many people are smart and intelligent because of diligent reading. Reading also can make people more mature. Adults here means to have the mindset that no longer childish. By reading, people can look at every problem of life not as a burden, but a challenge that must be resolved. Problems in life is not viewed only from one side, but from different sides. People who look at problems from different sides of life is usually more prudent and wise in life.

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