Saturday, May 14, 2011

Choosing The Right Skin Care Products

Right Skin Care Products
Skin smooth and soft is the desire of every woman around the world. This makes women willing to pay more to hunt down beauty products, and not infrequently they ignore the adverse effects of a beauty product itself.

The case is the case yakitu use of products that do not match the skin type, which occurs, opening a beautiful skin tetaoi it resulted in damage to the skin of the user.

Beauty experts recommend that to comply with the rules of usage sejumblah beauty products, as quoted from Shine.

Here are the things you need to remember in skin care in order to get maximum results:

Normal Skin
The biggest mistake often made ​​the owner of normal skin are often ignorant do skin care. Do not even think the normal skin will not experience problems such as acne or irritation.

Dry skin
Error spread is often done by owners of dry skin is too late to do skin care. Usually they start buying the product to reduce wrinkles after celebrating the 40th anniversary.

Sensitive Skin
The biggest mistake often made ​​the owner of sensitive skin is too much to use products that trigger skin inflammation.

The solution? Try using a product that can minimize the inflammation and can soothe such as zinc, green tea, and chamomile.

Oily Skin
The biggest mistake often made ​​by the owner of the oily skin is using too much beauty products. Stop doing that. Habitual use of alcohol toner, and Exfoliator cause dryness of the skin.

Although you may think is clear acne, you really strip the natural oils, and causes sebum production increases. When selecting products, choose a serum-free alcohol and gel-based formula, and avoid products that contain occlusive ingredients like oil and minerals, which can clog pores.

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