Monday, May 9, 2011

Sperm Masks Overcome For Acne And Aging

Sperm Masks Overcome For Acne And Aging
Perhaps not many know what is contained in semen or sperm. There have been many studies and research conducted and directed that the two types of water that some people taboo talking contains a variety of benefits and usefulness. Only that as a mask for the face of women who can overcome acne and make the youth.

It was also revealed by Johnson and Everitt in their book entitled Essential Reproduction, published in 2000. Mentioned, in a single ejaculate, approximately one teaspoon of semen, containing 150 mg protein, 11 mg carbohydrates, 6 mg of fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7 percent potassium, copper, and zinc.

In addition, semen also contains sugars, proteins and amino acids, minerals, vitamins, hormones, lactic acid, urea, uric acid and nitrogen.

Thus, it is not surprising that many uses of semen and sperm as one of the treatment of various diseases such as diabetes and depression. There is also what makes the sperm as an acne treatment ingredients Unfortunately for that one, there has been no scientific studies that can prove its truth.

Ancient Egypt
According, in the days of Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt (5000 BC), the sperm is used as a face mask. When judging in theory, the method was quite reasonable because the nutrients in sperm which can indeed be useful for skin care.

As quoted from Netdoctor, semen and sperm contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and vitamin B12 which can make someone look younger and beautiful. Vitamin C trigger the growth of protein chains in collagen, the main ingredient in the fiber network. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that can detoxify or get rid of toxins and impurities that exist on the surface of the skin.

The presence of vitamin C in semen ascertained in order to protect sperm from free radicals and increase the survival of sperm cells.

In addition, the antioxidant role is to ensure that the sperm free of free radicals which cause dull skin and wrinkles. The same benefits can be found in many acne products and antiaging treatment early are more outstanding.


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