Sunday, May 15, 2011

How To Cooking Not Eliminate Nutritional Content

How To Cooking
Fry: The temperature of cooking oil smoke does not pass through the point (temperature at the time of cooking oil smoke) and do not get too dry or burnt, so that the protein is not damaged. fried maximum results will be used when the oil temperature of about 110-160 * C (depending on the type of oil).

Boiling vegetables: Just until half cooked so many vitamins or minerals are not soluble in water.

Steaming: Should green vegetables still seem somewhat fresh and if bitten and still feels crispy.

Baking: Better food (meat) was inserted into the microwave for two minutes for a little mature, so it does not take long to bake it. Because the grill too long is not good for health because it causes the emergence aminia heterosiklis-amine.

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