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Treat Diabetes With Bitter Melon Benefits And Usefulness

Treat Diabetes With Bitter Melon
Bitter melon is also called by the name of Paria (Mmomordica Charantia). If most European country called it by name Bitter Melon, because it is bitter melon has a slightly bitter taste. A kind of vegetable crops can be grown around the yard of the house and paddy fields.

But so far not many people understand that Bitter Melon that many contain compounds that are very good for human health.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Health:
Bitter Melon has been used by Asian people and Native Americans for a long time as a diabetes drug, to prevent measles, malaria, hepatitis, get rid of worms and parasites, as a tonic (an aphrodisiac), as well as anti-inflammatory medicine for healing wounds and ulcers. In Jamaica, Bitter Melon processed into tea leaves, which help reduce digestive problems and constipation. In the Philippines, bitter melon leaves are often used to treat cough in children.

Bitter Meloncontain at least three different bioactive compounds:
charatin, insulin-like peptides and alkaloids, which have the ability to lower blood sugar levels in the body. A study by the Institute Jawaharial Nehru, India, has shown that bitter melon fruit improve insulin sensitivity. Consuming 100 mg Bitter Melon produce comparable effects with 2.5 mg of anti-diabetes drug glibenclamide. However, further research is needed to determine whether all these compounds work simultaneously or whether one compound is more effective than another.

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